Miami, Fl – November, 2019 SOMOS Distribution, the independent audiovisual content distribution company, chaired by Luis Villanueva, presents at MIPCANCUN a new, original and varied offer that targets different audiences and schedules. As always, the company is characterized by offering a varied catalog of products and new offers. On this occasion, the company’s participation is focused on the original co-productions of its sister company SOMOS Productions and partners, including the new product Maleducadas, the two series Juegos Interrumpidos and Cazadores de Milagros, and the long-awaited series Súbete a Mi Moto. The company also includes other content such as Turkish dramas Gumus, Lady’s Farm, Sunshine Girls, Matter of Respect y Fallen Apart, and a movie from Mexico Angels Inc.

Francisco Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Distribution, stated: “This time we will be participating in MIPCANCUN with two purposes: we will be offering our portfolio that has new and popular products, and we will also explore the market for supply and demand of co-productions, a very dynamic segment with the current environment for these projects. We have high expectations of our participation in MIPCANCUN. This market is very productive and intense, and between the contact with customers and our attractive offer, we will surely be able to crystallize many negotiations and open up new opportunities for SOMOS Distribution. ”

Maleducadas it is the newest product that the company has added to its portfolio. This musical-youth series plots four teenagers that have very different personalities that go against the rules, hence, they are sent to a re-education campus. Over there, they will develop their love for music by forming a music band, they will find their dreams and together they will solve the mystery that the forest around the campus hides. SOMOS Productions and Onceloops are responsible for the production of this project.

Súbete a Mi Moto is the expected series that will finish its production by the end of this year. This biographical series of the so-called youth band ‘Menudo’ tells the story of the group since its beginnings in 1977, its rise to international fame until its dissolution. SOMOS Productions, Endemol Shine Boomdog and Piñolywood Studios form the production team. Súbete a Mi Moto has 15 episodes of one commercial hour each.

Among the films presented at MIPCANCUN, the film from Mexico, Angels Inc., stands out, which is based on the book Angeles Guardianes SA. There is a clandestine company called Angels Inc. where all the pleasures can be pleased, but in a very secretly way. While Brenda engages in an adventure that teaches her how difficult it is to live moments and to survive without them, Fabio (Director of Angels Inc.) is involved in a series of passion crimes, discovering that lies can lead us far.

SOMOS Distribution will also present Juegos Interrumpidos, produced by SOMOS Productions and the Mexican production company Fenixx. The series of 30 episodes of 60 minutes each narrates the story of Karen, a mother who discovers that her adopted son came to her by a violent act of trafficking of minors. Karen begins an investigation to find her son’s family and uncover the gang. What Karen does not know is that her husband can be one of the accused. Cazadores de Milagros is produced by Somos Productions, Disney Media Distribution Latin America, MEDIAPRO and BTF Media. This science fiction plot revolves around Mia and Ricardo, two reporters who start working together with the mission of finding the meaning of paranormal and inexplicable events. Cazadores de Milagros has 13 episodes of 60 minutes.

Somos Distribution will also offer the famous and successful Turkish series Gumus, Lady’s Farm, Sunshine Girls, Matter of Respect and Fallen Apart. To finish this varied offer, the company presents the acclaimed late night show Baily.

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